Karen Dixon Kiln-Formed Glass

Hand-Crafted Functional and Art Glass

 Artist Statement 

I love glass! The way the light shines through it to cast colors across a room or how it creates an internal glow that is unique in each piece.  Inspiration for my work comes from nature, textures and unique color combinations and is heavily influenced by mid-century design. The many techniques used in kiln-formed glass allow for endless ways in which to express my creative concepts. I am currently working with texture and color flow in kiln cast sculptural and functional glass. The addition of texture to the work invites the viewer for a closer look and touch to better understand the composition. Much of my work requires multiple techniques and numerous kiln firings to achieve the desired look. My pieces consist of a combination of techniques to achieve a design that appears restrained and minimal, yet compelling. I try to capture an emotional moment of beauty by creating an interaction between light and the translucency and texture of the glass.